Setting Standards Ed's Way

Valerie Taylor |

When Matthews Studio Equipment was established in July of 1968, founder Roy Isaia was making rags, flags and scrims. Ed joined Matthews in 1971 after selling his lighting company WAYNCO. At the time, Isaia was in the process of expanding Matthews’ product line to include hardware. Back then studios made their own stands and hardware as needed. There were no recognized standards for equipment being used from studio to studio or from set to set—the Grip department used 1” diameter pins and receivers while Electric used 1-1/8”.

Ed knew that Matthews, as well as the entire production community, would benefit immensely by using standard pin sizes for both Grip and Electric. His goal was to create commonality between stands and hardware, assuring pins and receivers were interchangeable no matter which set they were on. He put the solution in motion at Matthews.

This effort became one of Ed’s signature achievements in the grip industry: the standardization of the 5/8” Baby Pin and the 1-1/8” Junior Receiver for hardware, clamps, and stands. Today, throughout the majority of the world you won’t see a single piece of equipment that doesn’t adhere to these dimensions.

Ed Phillips and Roy Isaia pictured above.