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When Ed Glazer started Glazer’s Camera back in 1935, business was conducted on a handshake. He made sure the people he served were friends first – clients second. Close to 80 years later, Glazer’s Camera, located in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, is still run by the Glazer family – Ed’s son-in-law Bob Lackman, Lackman’s son Ari and daughter Rebecca Kaplan – who oversee almost 40 employees. “We take pride in working with our clients and friends; supporting them through thte good times and through the times that have been more challenging,” says Rebecca Kaplan. “It’s a family thing.”

The digital world changed things for Glazer’s. It widened their client base, for one. “While we always had professional customers, the serious amateur and enthusiast; we now see more and more beginner photographers and first time SLR customers come in,” Kaplan says. “Even our professionally oriented lighting department has broadened to meet the needs of our ever-changing customer base.

“On any given day we could easily have a big-time commercial photographer, a mom looking for her first SLR to take great family photos, a student from one of the fine photo programs along the Northwest, and someone whose day job is in the high tech industry but is a passionate enthusiast photographer. Our customers are varied with their abilities and interests and we have worked hard to be able to connect with those different levels of knowledge. We also strive to maintain the proper product mix to meet everyone’s needs and interests.

“And,” she adds, “have the highest quality support equipment possible. That’s where Matthews comes in. We’ve been working with MSE for at least 35 years. It’s because MSE’s products are the industry standard. They are dependable, do not fail and have longevity. It started with a smattering of C-stands, sandbags, scrims and apple boxes. Then, as our lighting department grew (about 15 years ago) our demands grew. We now carry silks, scrims, flags and grip pieces like Matthelini Clamps, RoadRag Kits and more. We buy sandbags by the pallet. Whatever our clients from individuals to news stations and commercial studios need.”

Recently, Glazer’s annual PhotoFest took place. It is a great opportunity to showcase the latest and greatest products. They’d seen DC-Slider at NAB and knew they had to have one for the show. “As usual, MSE came to the rescue,” says Kaplan. “Shipping challenge? Tight delivery? Not a problem for them. They got us one of the first DC-Sliders available. And it was the star of the show!

“Our video department has really been growing fast,” she adds. “DC-Slider was a perfect fit for those clients. The minute they saw what this new MSE product could do – they were hooked. We expect DC-Slider to be a much-requested creative tool.

“We sell and rent to all of the professional studios in town,” she explains. “We work with our clients to outfit and frame their studios. And, MSE is a core fundamental company. Hands down, they ALL choose MSE not only because they are industry standard but they will last and they don’t antiquate.”

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