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Speaking of Car Mounts

One of MSE’s newest clients, Jeff Glucker, co-founder and Executive Editor of Hooniverse.com, the popular website for dedicated car lovers, is over-the-top about his Matthews Master Car Mount System. He’s had the setup for about six months – and boy has he put it to the test!

Glucker, who started on the business side of the automotive industry got into the editorial side rather quickly. In 2009 Glucker, and a car-loving friend launched Hooniverse.com as an outlet for their love of all things automotive. “I started learning to take better photos and graduated to better equipment to show off various cars,” he explains. “Soon, I found video was really what seemed to grab the attention of automotive enthusiasts,” he adds. “I started appearing in front of the camera for sites like Autobytel and as the co-host of a classic car show called American Detours. I’ve always worked with people on the other side of the camera because I’m very curious about the craft of videography – and wanted to add a video component to my site.”

Glucker upgraded his equipment – choosing a Canon 5D MkII for stand up shots, “but I wasn’t going to put that on the outside of the car,” he says. He tried GoPros – but they weren’t for him. So, he researched car mounts. “I wanted something that would prove to be overkill for my camera because I didn’t want it coming off the hood, trunk, or roof of a car as I blasted down the road. The Master Mount did the trick. And more.

I’ve affixed it to a wide range of vehicles,” he says enthusiastically. “Everything from a Volkswagen Touareg TDI and Subaru Forester up to a Lamborghini Gallardo Squadre Corse and an Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. Those were fairly simply tests for the mount, however, and I needed to see if it was really up to a challenge. So, I put it on the hood and also the roof of a 2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S – while driving the car on a race track. I hit 145 miles per hour on the back straight, with the Canon 5D sitting pretty and capturing the shots.

“After that, I have supreme confidence that this mount is up for any challenge I can throw at it.”

What’s up for Glucker from MSE? He’s seriously considering the addition of the FloatCam DC-Slider “to add even more depth to my videos.”

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